Review: The Cruel Prince

This book dragged me right out of a reading slump that I’d been trying to escape for a full month.

I have to admit that I’m very picky when it comes to books that portray the Fae. So, when I told my mom about The Folk of the Air, and how much I wanted to read it, I was worried to start reading when she gifted it to me. I was worried this series that received so much love on Bookstagram would disappoint me. But I was wrong to worry because this book did not disappoint at all! In fact, it dragged me right out of a reading slump that I’d been trying to escape for a full month.

The way Holly Black shaped this world captured me from the get-go, and I absolutely loved the portrayal of the Red Caps. Dipping their hat in blood to achieve the red colour? Brilliant honestly, and not something I’ve encountered before in Fae-inspired tales (though I do think it is part of certain mythology). It’s those little details that Holly created that had me fascinated with Elfhame and almost nostalgic for some of my older folklore books. I think anyone with a love for the Fae, Celtic myth or faerie-inspired stories will feel right at home in Elfhame.

The protagonist, Jude, is a very in-your-face character that demands attention, but surprisingly doesn’t become annoying at all. And I think that’s due to the fact that Holly has a magic way of describing emotions and thoughts. Everything that Jude does, though sometimes entirely contradictory to what I would have done in a similar scenario, is made understandable and rational because Holly shows us exactly what Jude feels like and what she thinks. And because of that, we as readers get to form a strong bond with Jude. Strong enough that I felt personally offended by some of the actions of other characters, and I still want to yell at a particular couple. Like no joke, I yelled at my book because I was so angry.

Now, the story progressed really slowly at first to me. I got hooked at the start, and then it all seemed to halt compared to that first, gripping scene. However, that didn’t mean it was boring. There were sparks of activity and character introductions throughout the first half that held my attention. And then after we got to the midway point, things picked up rapidly. That’s why I definitely think I enjoyed the second half of the book more. I prefer fast reads. But in a way, that’s only a good sign for this book because the slower parts didn’t bother me at all!

Honestly, this book deserves all the hype it gets online. The one thing I don’t get is everyone’s love for Cardan though. All he is to me, at this moment, is a bully. So, I hope he improves in the next books because I’m a bit lost about everyone’s crush on him. I wouldn’t get near him with a foot-long pole at the moment!

Final verdict: I’ll definitely be recommending this book to fellow readers, friends and family 🙂


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